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His name is Roberto and his surname is Lai. He was born in Quartu Santa Elena on the 5th of December of 1973; his parents are Marcella and Maurizio and he has a brother whose name is Alessandro.

He studied at the ‘liceo classico’ school and in this period he wanted to become a film director. He’s always been a teacher and also now he is a teacher. He has a girlfriend for almost ten years and with her he had one daughter and one son.

When he was a child he wanted to become a football player and he also wanted to live in Paris in a modern house in the neighborhood of Monmartre. When he was young his nicknames were Rho and Rob. He likes cats and in his whole life he has had a lot of cats: Lollo, Martin, Luther, King, Mitzi, Lady.

His favourite film is Barry Lyndon (by Stanley Kubrick) and he likes it because it is a beautiful story with perfect images. He likes The Beatles, rock music and Italian singer songwriters like De Andre and Franco Battiato.

If you have a house at Montmarte, could you please sell it to us?

Chiara and Gabriele (class 5)