We wanted to write this article because we think that there are a lot of great civilizations from the past which nobody remembers. At first we wanted to write about an exotic civilization, but because we are European, we wanted to write about an European civilization. We chose Epirus because the only thing why Epirus is remembered, is because they tried stopping the romans in 280 B.C.E.

Epirus was established in Epirus(Greece) between 330 and 167 B.C.
First Epirus was a Kingdom, until 231 B.C. Then it became a Federal Republic. The first capital (till 259 B.C.) was Passaron. Ambracia was the capital until 224 B.C. and the last capital was Phonice. They spoke Northwest Greek. and followed Ancient Greek religion.
Epirus was inhabited since Neolithic times by hunters and shepherds who brought with them the Greek language.
During the Dorian invasion of Greece, lots of Epirus inhabitants, migrated south.
During the 1st millennium B.C. Greek speaking tribes ruled on Epirus, these were the Chaonians, the Molossians and the Thesprotians.
In Epirus, there was the famous oracle of Dodona, the most ancient of ancient Greece.
Epirus was unified in 370 B.C.E., by the Aeacidae dynasty.
In 280 B.C.E. Phyrrus of Epirus, arrived in Rome after being called called to help the Greek city of Tarantum. In the end the Romans won the battle.
In 146 B.C.E. Epirus became part of the Roman empire, followed by the byzantine empire.
Many of Epirus’s buildings were similar to the Greek ones.
There where buildings like theaters, temples, stoas, stadiums, gymnasiums, fountains, houses, altars. Houses and fortifications were often the same building.

So Epirus was like Greece, not because they copied, but because Epirus  was inhabited by people coming from Greece. But they added some cool things too! Like elephants (they used them in the army).

Gabriele and Andrea (Class 5)