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Global warming consists in this: the earth is getting hotter than ever before. This is what’s going on right now. All this is happening because of the modern industrial economy and because of the greenhouse effect. The big changes started in about 1900 but actually these changes have existed for a millions of years.

We can find the outcome of this phenomenon by measuring the temperature of the oceans and the temperatures of the air.

A person who is helping planet earth a lot is Greta Thumberg. She is a girl who’s 16 years old and who is organizing a lot of events all around the world. Greta was born on the 3rd of January 2003 in Sweden. She has the Asperger’s syndrome and this means that she has  problems socializing but she is very intelligent.  She is proud to have this problem; she says that without this syndrome she wouldn’t do anything.

Here you are; these are some of Greta’s famous phrases:

“You say that you love your children but in reality you’re only stealing their future.”

“You are never too small to make the difference.”

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Just think for a second about how planet Earth is the planet where you live, where you were born, where you all the people who you love live!!! And it is changing very fast but also you can do something about it!!!

Save the planet!!!

Help your planet!!!

Francy & Anna (Class 5)