We are writing this article because we want to show you what we do in our new club.

Last year we had a club as well but we found nails and some children hurt their feet. So this year a child of 4th year asked to the head of our school to re-open it. After some months a gardener came to tidy up the garden after which we re-opened the club; now we have it! We are are playing that we are our own civilization and we have a museum, plants, “hot dirt”, paths, weapons, a mini market and an oracle.

We have also a flag: our flag represents 4 wolves and the wise old man’s stick. The “hot dirt” is made of dirt mixed with water and leaves, try it! You can’t believe it! (No we’re just joking: don’t eat it, there is a possibility  that you can die ! ?). Our tap is made of a perforated trunk with a rock under it,  the water comes out of the hole so that you don’t need to bring a bucket to our club. You can just use our tap. Our paths are made of stones  and our plants are: mint, strawberries, basil, aloe, fat plants, zucchini, cotton, pumpkin, Sanseveria and Dalia.

This is the link of an article about last year’s club: