depositphotos_47725507-stock-photo-schools-outHow was this year for us (4th year)?

Gianluca: It was very funny!!

Francesca: The thing I liked most this year was working better because I’ve obviously learnt more and I also liked staying with my friends and with, for me, our good teachers.

Matteo: Very good because I’ve learnt a lot of new things and I stayed with my friends and my sister Chiara.

Francesca: It was fantastic because I’ve learnt more things and I stayed with my friends

Chiara: Everything was adventurous!

Andrea: Very good and funny because we had lots of new and good experiences .

Bea: For me it was exciting because in this year we went on lots of trips that lead us to free our minds and meet new people.

Sebastian: For me this year was funny and beautiful because we had beautiful lessons.

Lorenzo: I love this year especially for the final show in teatro Massimo.

Fabio: Very beautiful and very funny because we did a lot of funny things!