Today, lots of people like cinema. In this two piece article we will explain the history of this art, when it was born and how it developed. Today part one:

For a lot of people cinema was born on 28 december 1895, when the Lumière brothers published their short film La sortie des usines Lumière. It was showed at the Société d’ encouragement pour l’industrie nationale in Paris.

Plot: La sortie des usines Lumière
It shows workers go out of the Lumier Factories.

After that, cinema started to improve with films like The Great Train Robbery by Edwin Porter and Trip to the Moon by Georges Mèliès which was the first film with special effects.

Plot: Trip to the Moon
The astrological congress decided to send a rocket to the moon.They rocket ended up in the moon’s eye. The astronauts met some aliens who arrested them.They escaped from prison and went back to Earth.

The first years cinema were very chaotic. In fact after a couple of years cinema startied to lose attention from it’s audience. But just in time cinema started to have better stories and poor people started to want to go to the cinema.That’s because in France and the U.S.A viewing rooms started to develop. The first narrative films where The Birth of a Nation and Cabira.

Plot: The Birth of a nation
Is the story of two american families that have lived some fundamental events in American history.

With the first narrative films, producers started to invest a lot of money in films and understood that people started to admire certain actors and so producers invested a lot of money to get those actors in their films. In the U.S.A films where made to be liked by audiences. In Europe films were rather experimental. Only in Germany people were creating popular films.

But these were silent films. Sound films were introduced after a crisis at Warner Brothers. The first sound film they decided to launch was called The Jazz Singer.

Plot The Jazz Singer
The film is about an Jewish boy who doesn’t want to sing in Synagogue but wants to be a jazz singer. He makes his dream come true and has a lot of succes. He marries another famous singer but he doesn’t like his life with her and goes back to his family.

Next year we will tell you more about the history of cinema!

Gabriele, Andrea (Class 5)