Emoji are everywhere and we were curious where they came from and who invented them.

After some research on the internet we learned that Emoji became popular on Japanse mobile phones. They were invented in 1999 in Japan by Shigetaka Kurita.

These are the first Emoji:

primi emoji

We think Emoji are very useful for modern communication. If you don’t speak another language you can use Emoji to express emotions, actions and ideas.

But did you know there were also Kaomoji?  Kaomoji also come from Japan, they are a mix of punctuation and Japanese characters.

Here is an example of Kaomoji: (◕‿◕)

But before the Emoji or Keomoji there were already Emoticons. You can make them by  using only text elements: points, commas and letters of the alphabet.

Here is an example of an Emoticon:  : D

The first who ever used an Emoticon was Scott Fahlman, a computer scientist from the United States of America.

It all began from there!

Anna and Gianluca (Class 5)