IMG-20180130-WA0002The 22nd of December there was a birthday, but there was a surprise… The surprise was a Nutella cake, which Marita made for us. Marita is the school’s cook, she is from Argentina. We ate the cake with the third year, it was very good. We interviewed Marita about her cooking; here you find the interview.


Question: what are the ingredients of your cake?

Answer: sugar, eggs, flour, yeast, grated lemon rind, cinnamon, nutella, marmalade.

Q.: What is your secret to make very good dishes?

A.: Study cooking, enquire and use high quality products.

Q.: Why did you choose this type of cake?

A.:Because it was a healty and tasty cake for kids.

Q.: Did you invent the recipe?

A.: Yes! Because there is always the imagination of the cook.

Q.: How can you make such a lot of food in such a short time?

A.: (laugh) I run. I need also organization.

Q.: How did you learn to cook?

A.: Study!!

Q.: Do you have someone that helps you?

A.: No

Q.: What food do you cook best?

A.: Meat, pasta, EVERYTHING!!!

Q.: In how much time did you make the cake?

A.: In one and a half hour.

Thank you for the interview!!! 😛

Andrea Francy

Chiara Lory