During a philosophy lesson teacher Joe spoke to us about moral dilemmas. Moral dilemmas are difficult questions with two possible answers and no answer is wrong. We thought “why don’t we ask some children from Up School some moral dilemmas”.
We interviewed 19 children from the 2nd and 3rd years and asked them moral dilemmas.

Would you rather…

  • Do an important but boring lesson or do a fun but superficial lesson?
    Important lesson:19 persons
    Superficial lesson:0 persons
  • Live a genuine life with not a lot of money or a non-genuine life with a lot of money?
    Genuine life:19 persons
    Non-genuine life:0 persons
  • Save 100 old men or 1 little baby?
    Little baby:16 person
    100 old men:3 persons
  • Go to school 20 hours a day and don’t go in the weekend or go to school 1 hour a day and go in the weekends as well?
    20 hours a day:7 persons
    1 hour a day:12 persons
  • Be rich and without love or poor with a lot of love?
    Rich:1 person
    Poor:18 persons
  • Be condemned for a crime that you didn’t do or not be condemned for a crime that you did do?
    Crime you didn’t do:2 persons
    Crime you did do:17 persons
  • Would you change your best friend for a rich one?
    No:19 persons
    Yes:0 persons