In this article, we will speak about the ancient cultures of China and Egypt.

1)China: Chinese culture is one of the biggest and most ancient cultures in the world.    There are several important components of Chinese culture: ceramics, architecture, music, literature, martial arts, cuisine, visual arts, philosophy and religion.

One  element of the Chinese culture we find interesting is  The Dragon Dance, originated in the Hang dynasty; through this custom, Chinese people show  respect and faith towards  the dragon image. During the Song Dynasty, the Dragon Dance became a popular event and an important activity of all people during festive celebrations.

2)Egypt: With Ancient Egypt we mean the civilization developed along the Nile Valley. At the peak of this civilization it reached a total extension of about 1000 km.

One of the most  interesting aspects of The Egyptian culture is how Egyptians measure time. They do it based on the solar year that we still use today. The solar year was divided into 12 months and 365 days.

Another interesting feature of the Egyptian culture is mummification. This requires a particular treatment of the corpse and it opened the way to the anatomy of the human body and therefore to medicine.

Beatrice and Francesca D. (Class 5)